Program Outline


We are pleased to announce that the following opinion leaders accepted to speak at CVB 2011:

Joan Abbott (UK)
Annika Armulik (SE)
William Banks (USA)
Ingolf Blasig (DE)
Reina Bendayan (CAN)
Ralph Clinckers (BE)
Richard Daneman (USA)
Britta Engelhardt (CH)
Alon Friedman (IL)
David Gray (USA)
Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes (SE)
Elizabeth de Lange (NL)
Stefan Liebner (DE)
David Miller (USA)
Klaus Petry (FR)

Alexandre Prat (CAN)
Arie Reijerkerk (NL)
Ignacio Romero (UK)
Maurizio Scarpa (IT)
Eric Shusta (USA)
Tali Siegal (IL)
Quentin Smith (USA)
Danica Stanimirovic (CAN)
Tetsuya Terasaki (JP)
Robert Thorne (USA)
Elga de Vries (NL)
Ryan Watts (USA)
Frauke Zipp (DE)



Program at a glance

  Tuesday June 21st 2011 (Academiegebouw, Rapenburg 73, Leiden)    
16:00 - 20:00 Registration and welcome reception
  Opening speech by Henri Lenferink (Leiden City Mayor)   
  Introduction Brain Foundation Netherlands (Hersenstichting) by Peter Schoof  
  Chair: Lester Drewes (USA)  
  Honorary lecture by Joan Abbott (UK)
  Wednesday June 22nd 2011 (Pieterskerk, Leiden)  
SESSION I: Development, differentiation and ageing of the blood-brain barrier
  Chairs: Richard Daneman (USA) & Arie Reijerkerk (NL)  
SESSION IIA: Tight junction of the blood-brain barrier    logo Just Brain
  [sponsored by JUSTBRAIN]
  Chairs: Ingolf Blasig (DE) & Britta Engelhardt (CH)
SESSION IIB:  Transporters at the blood-brain barrier
  Chairs: David Miller (USA) & Lester Drewes (USA)
  Thursday June 23rd 2011 (Pieterskerk, Leiden)  
SESSION III: Drug delivery to the brain from a clinical perspective  
  [sponsored by Pfizer] 
  Chairs: Tali Siegal (IL) & Pieter Gaillard (NL)
Inflammation at the blood-brain barrier
  Chairs: Alexandre Prat (CAN) & Elga de Vries (NL)  
  Friday June 24th 2011 (Pieterskerk, Leiden)  
SESSION V: Techniques and models to assess cerebrovascular function
  Chairs: Danica Stanimirovic (CAN) & Robert Thorne (USA)
SESSION VI: Blood-brain barrier alterations in neurological disorders   
  [sponsored by MedImmune]
  Chairs: Reina Bendayan (CAN) & Alon Friedman (IL)
  Saturday June 25th 2011 (De Burcht, Leiden)  
SESSION VII: Kinetics of blood-brain barrier transport and CNS effects in health and disease
  Chairs: Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes (SE) & Elizabeth de Lange (NL)  
Afternoon: Keynote lecture by Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes (SE)
  Closure of meeting and farewell lunch