Introduction IBBS

The International Brain Barriers Society (IBBS ) is an international scientific and educational nonprofit society, which holds a U.S. 501 (c)(3) nonprofit designation.

The purpose of the IBBS:

  • To encourage, promote and advocate scientific and clinical research on the biological barriers in the central nervous system (CNS);
  • To accumulate information about barriers in the CNS and promote its dissemination to scientists, physicians, patients, policy makers, public and private funding agencies and other concerned parties;
  • To educate the general public and medical profession about the existence, diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the barriers of the CNS.

The IBBS shall endeavor to realize this purpose by:

  • Encouraging worldwide representation;
  • Stimulating debate, research and discovery;
  • Enhancing communication and participation among basic scientists, translational researchers and clinicians;
  • Liaising with the pharmaceutical industry in the development and delivery of new medicines and treatments for CNS diseases;
  • Encouraging integration and participation of young researchers;
  • Involving multidisciplinary approaches;
  • Disseminating and translating results to clinical practice;
  • Representing and advocating to policy makers, public and private funding agencies, and their representatives;
  • Advancing public education and awareness;
  • Developing liaison with patients and beneficiaries of research advances.

Together with the CVB Organizing Committee the IBBS will reward the best poster in each of the 7 scientific sessions with a poster award of 250 USA DOLLARS.



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