Introduction CVB2011

Dear Colleagues,

We warmly welcome you to the 9th International Conference on Cerebral Vascular Biology, located in the Pieterskerk, Leiden, the Netherlands, 21 – 25 June, 2011.

In the beautiful setting of the old city center of Leiden, the Netherlands, scientists will gather from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in the field of cerebrovascular research. The vasculature in the brain is organized in such a way that it maintains neuronal homeostasis and tightly regulates exchange of compounds between the circulation and the central nervous system. Importantly, a large number of neurological disorders are associated with profound alterations in the vasculature of the brain. In addition, the neurovasculature is an important hurdle for effective treatment of brain diseases since it actively prevents the delivery of potentially active therapeutic compounds.

The International Cerebral Vascular Biology (CVB) conferences are held every two to three years. Previous meetings were held with great success in Duluth (United States, 1993), Paris (France, 1995), Portland (United States, 1998), Cambridge (United Kingdom, 2001), Amarillo (United States, 2003), Munster (Germany, 2005), Ottawa (Canada, 2007), Sendai (Japan, 2009). The 9th edition of this prestigious event will be hosted by the Netherlands for the first time.

We are excited that the program for CVB 2011 features opinion leaders from all over the world who will discuss the latest findings and insights on the function and modulation of the cerebrovasculature from a fundamental, via an industrial, towards a clinical setting. Together with our International Scientific Committee we have put together a program that also will include a large number of presentations that were selected from submitted abstracts. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy CVB 2011, for challenging exchange of ideas, and that it will initiate new collaborations during the scientific and social sessions in the beautiful setting of Leiden.

A warm welcome to CVB 2011 Leiden!


Organizing Committee:

BBBNedWork Elga de Vries (Chair)      
Elizabeth de Lange (Chair)
Pieter Gaillard   
Arie Reijerkerk          
VU university medical center, Amsterdam, NL
LACDR, Leiden University, Leiden, NL

to-BBB technologies BV, Leiden, NL
VU university medical center, Amsterdam, NL


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International Scientific Committee:

Joan Abbott (UK)
Ingolf Blasig (DE)
Richard Daneman (USA)
Lester Drewes (USA)
Britta Engelhardt (CH)
Alon Friedman (IL)
Pieter Gaillard (NL)
Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes (SE)
Elizabeth de Lange (NL)

David Miller (USA)
Alexandre Prat (CAN)
Arie Reijerkerk (NL)
Tali Siegal (IL)
Danica Stanimirovic (CAN)
Robert Thorne (USA)
Elga de Vries (NL)
Reina Bendayan (CAN)